Thursday, September 16, 2010

Laughter Abounds

Today is a day for laughter.  Every day is not like that, so when these days come along, we treasure them! It all started with a quick day trip to Louisiana with my crazy friend, Lisa.  She had a very important meeting and asked me if I would go for moral support.  I am so thankful for my friends.  They all bring different dynamics into my life that help complete me.  Lisa brings me laughter.

We were on our way home.  We were exhausted, and that always make things funnier.  I heard Lisa yell, "What in the world is that?"  It was a van covered in this padded material.  There were huge portraits of famous women airbrushed on the fabric.  Eyeballs with long eyelashes adorned the top of the van.  Then we saw the front.  I thought Lisa was going to lose control of the car.  It had huge pair of sunglasses over the windshield, a nose on the hood, and lips on the front bumper.  The picture was made complete by a large, homemade nose ring.

I had to take pictures.  Lisa was screaming, "You are such a dork!"  The elderly hippie driving the van was laughing.  I just have to share the pictures.

Lisa said, "Only in New Orleans will you see a sight like that."

When I finally made it home, I settled in to rest for a while.  One of my "other kids," Robyn, was at the house.  She seems to be the quiet, innocent type, but she doesn't have me fooled.  Lily left the room and made the terrible mistake of leaving her Facebook page open.  Thanks to Robyn, Lily came back with the following photo as her profile picture.
Lily quickly changed it, but I decided that we had not had enough fun with it.  I posted it on my page.  The comment said, "Lily's senior portrait.  Like it?"  As you can only imagine, in just a matter of minutes there were many responding comments.  I prepared myself for what was coming.  Make no doubt about it, Lily will get even.  When I went to shower, she posted the following picture as my new profile.

Someone commented and said, "It looks like Facebook chaos at your house tonight!"  Lily begged me to leave it up, just for a while.   One of my Slapout kids said, "Ms. Amy, please change that profile picture.  It is completely hideous!"

I am so glad that God gave us the emotion of laughter.  Here is one important truth that I have learned.  When one has traveled to the "dark places" in life and experienced the depths of sadness, it makes the laughter even more delightful.  

The book of Proverbs tell us laughter is good medicine.  This is so true!  I thank God that we had a good day filled with so much laughter.

"Laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life."  ~Hugh Sidey


  1. Laughter is good medicine.!
    Even when my sister was so sick she kept a sense of humor. My sense of humor is coming back. It hit rock bottom but with time and God's healing it is coming back!!!

  2. Don't forget grace. It seems as if we sometimes forget all about grace when we laugh.

    We pray for laughter when we are sad. Then we forget to remember that it is grace that brings us ours gifts AND isn't laugher a wonderful gift?

    Well, that's what I've learned this week.

    and this is what i know...

    Grace abounds!