Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scared by Threes

I have teenagers around my house all the time.  It is such a joy.  Where there are kids, there is life.  And let me tell you, we have life around this house.

One of the girls' friends was over this weekend.  We have a walk-in pantry.  He was standing in the pantry, and he called me in there.  "Ms. Amy, have you noticed that there are threes everywhere in your pantry?" I had never noticed it, but he was right.
  • Three bottles of syrup
  • Three boxes of raisins
  • Three boxes of waffle mix
  • Three boxes of pop-tarts
  • Three boxes of brownie mix
There were several things that I had in multiples of threes that were in stacks of threes.  Then we saw the paper towels.  I had ten rolls of paper towels, but I had nine of them together in three rows of three.  The tenth one was on a different shelf all by itself.  Ross said, "Ms. Amy, this is really scaring me."
We all had a good laugh!

I went to the computer and googled, "What does the number three mean?"  The first thing that came up was "personal completeness."  That was perfect.  I don't believe in numerology, but I just couldn't resist sharing this with Ross.

This concept of personal completeness is something that I have certainly been working on.  I was talking to a good friend today, and she said, "Do you ever see yourself with someone else down the road?"  I told her that I could not answer that question right now.  I am sure that at some point there will be someone else in my life.  But for now, I want to take the time to rediscover who I am.  I want to find the things in life that I enjoy.  I want to treasure every moment that I can with my girls.  I want to laugh with friends.  For twenty-one years, my life was defined through being a wife.  Now I am redefining myself.  I am rediscovering things about myself that I have buried deep within.  Yes, I am happy to say that I am moving toward personal completeness, and it feels really good!

I was telling my same friend that story, and she told me that the number three also relates to comedy.  I am not sure what I think about that, but I can tell you this much.  We laugh in this household.  Yes, we have tears.  There are moments of stress over school.  There are numerous fights every single day between the girls.  They argue over sharing clothes with each other.  Finally, they can bring me to tears at times because they can make one great big mess in this house.  But in the midst of all this chaos, we laugh hard, and we laugh often.

Personal completeness and laughter.  I really like that.  And they are nothing for Ross to fear!

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. ~Henry David Thoreau

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